Common Signs That Your Cell Phone Battery Needs To Be Replaced

Nowadays, cell phones are used all over the world, usually on a daily basis, and it might bring several consequences. At first, when we get a new cell phone is very common that when it´s being used, it works good and it´s running fast with no problems at all. However, one of the biggest pain points for cell phone users is battery life. If you have charged your smartphone and it still doesn´t charge, that could indicate you that you need a battery or a phone replacement. If your phone presents any of the signs below, is the best option for you to repair your phone.

There are several forms to determine if your cell phone needs a new battery

The phone is dead

If your phone shows no signals of life after charging it with a reliable charger, your battery is probably dead, and it needs to be replaced.

The phone only shows power when it´s plugged in

If the battery is damaged, the phone will only work when you plugged the phone into a charger.

The phone dies faster than the usual

If your phone last less than six hours even though you charged it the whole night before, the battery is probably damaged, and it needs to be replaced.

The battery or phone starts to feel hot

Rechargeable batteries generate heat as they charged. If it starts to become hot as soon as you touch the phone, it might be a good time to consider buying a new battery. This can cause the gadget to break at any given time, and you should be careful because phones can explode due to overheating.

The phone restarts on its own

There could be several reasons of why your cell phone restarts on its own. One of those reasons can be that the battery no longer fits within the phone case.

The phone is plugged in but dead

This is also a common sign of a damaged battery. If the phone doesn´t charge after being plugged in, there is probably an issue with the battery. You will hear no sounds and see no lights when you plug in the phone.

Bloating or swelling

Sometimes when a battery is damaged, the inner cell cells rupture causing a bulge to appear. To determine if your battery has been bloated, place it on a flat level surface. If it doesn´t sit perfectly flat, a replacement battery will be a good option.

Visible corrosion or physical changes

Visible corrosion around your device should be taken as a serious call for a battery replacement.

If you have a phone that works well, a simple battery replacement should be enough to fix the problem. But if you feel that the operating system is not functioning as well as it used to, consider buying a new phone. You have to avoid fixing the cell phone by yourself if you don´t have the capacity to repair the problem. This video gives you some steps to how to test your mobile battery.