Types Of Domestic Violence Charges And Penalties

Domestic violence includes a wide variety of different charges, and a is defined as a violent act committed against a person in an intimate domestic relationship between the victim and the accused that usually result in unlawful physical or emotional injuries. Penalties for domestic violence vary depending on the type of crime. If you or any person that you care about was charged with these type of offense, Angels Bail Bonds will guide you through any bail process you are trying to obtain.

The following are some of the existent types of domestic violence

  • Physical violence: Most of the states prohibit not only acts not only acts that involve physical abuse but also threats of violence. Physical violence is the most recognizable form of domestic violence; it involves the use of force against the victim causing injury such as punching, stabbing, kicking, shooting, slapping and or forcing the victim to a drug. The damage doesn´t have to be a major one to be considered as domestic violence.
  • Emotional abuse: This entails the destruction of the victim´s self-worth and involves insulting, criticizing and humiliating.
  • unlessPsychological abuse: some typical examples of psychological abuse include preventing the victim talking to people unless they have given permission, preventing the victim from leaving the house, threatening the victim with violence or emotional aggression. Like emotional abuse, psychological abuse might not be enough to bring a domestic violence action,
  • Domestic Battery: Battery is defined as a willful act that implies injury upon another, this refers to a dangerous act intended to hurt a domestic partner. An example, husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend, and acts of injury vary from grabbing someone´s shirt, punching, and kicking. The maximum jail sentences are one year. Also, you can either choose probation up to three years and must pay a fine up to $2000.
  • Child abuse: California´s penal code deals strictly with physical abuse such as slapping hard enough to leave bruises or fighting and beating a child. This code can be used to charge the crime as a felony or misdemeanor. If you are convicted of a misdemeanor, you will spend up to one year in jail and a fine of $6000. However, if you are sentenced for a felony charge, jail time is going to be of six years. A fine can also be imposed in this situation.
  • Elder abuse: This can be charged as a felony or misdemeanor. A misdemeanor conviction offers a maximum prison time of one year as well as a fine and probation. A felony conviction due to elder abuse can send you to jail for four years.

If you have been charged with domestic violence, your case will depend on which facts will be established at trial. Try to contact a bail bond agent for professional help if the court approved a fine for you to pay. First time offenders are likely of posting bail to avoid jail time. This video will explain you the tremendous impact on the victim in domestic violence situations.